My terrible ordeal.

I just need you all to know what a push-over I am (sad face).

You’re either going to stare at your computer in awe after this story, or you’ll laugh at my weakness (don’t worry, I’ll hear your laughter through the world wide web).

Today I innocently wandered in to General Pants Co. on Pitt St, not really looking to buy anything, but kind of just satisfying my urge to browse/window shop. I hadn’t even browsed through the sale rack (as a poor uni student does) for two seconds when out pops a sales assistant with wide gleaming eyes.

“Hi! Can I help you with anything today?” she asks enthusiastically.

Go away. I was thinking.

I don’t know, I’m one of those people who just likes to shop in zen mode. I don’t like having to make small talk with shop assistants. I kind of just like to do mah thang and get out. The less of a connection you have with them, the easier it will be to walk out without buying anything.

Because I’m polite and don’t enjoy palming people off bluntly, I smiled and replied “No thanks, just browsing.”

Yes that should do the trick.

NO. No. It. Didn’t.

She made a comment about how early it was for someone to be shopping, and then managed to get a full conversation out of me. She chatted with me as I browsed around the store- she asked about my life for God’s sake! I felt bad if I didn’t at least try anything on, so… I tried a few things on.

And then followed a sequence of events that would lead to an hour and a half’s worth of time I’ll never get back.

As I was in the change room trying on my few items, the sales attendant would giddily skip back to the change room garnering armfuls of clothes for me to try on. I had to try them on… it would be rude of me not to (sad face).

So this whole ordeal left me torn. Now it would beĀ really rude of me not to buy anything. After all the help this lovely shop assistant’s given me. After mustering up so much effort to feign interest in my boring life, or what would look good on me.

So I did it. I bought a few overpriced pieces of clothing I didn’t really want.

As soon as I left the store, I wanted to return the items. And… that’s what I did. I began scheming about how I would return the items. I thought about going back the next day during lunch hour- fingers crossed she wasn’t working then. Instead I called up the World Square branch and asked them if I was able to refund at their store despite making the purchase at another store location.

Their answer was music to my ears. Yes. Yes I could return it at their store.

So I marched down there to return my gratuitous purchase, and get my arm and a leg back.

I would say the shop assistant callously toyed with my good-nature, and forced me to buy the clothing.

But no folks, I’m just a push-over.

And that’s that.

(sad face)