Malaria vaccine could be in widespread use by 2015 after successful trial

This is interesting, seeing as I JUST watched a documentary yesterday, in class, on global epidemics. I learnt that the first, largely, successful antimalarial drug was developed in China. It was called Artemisinin, and was a plant derivative. However, due to Cold War politics, China refused to release any information to the rest of the world, thus delaying further developments in malarial drugs by about twenty-years.

It really surprised me how deeply entrenched in politics, something as simple and necessary as health care, is. Health agendas and policies are just governed by bureaucracies, who know little-to-nothing about what people actually want or need.

Anyway, that’s a little off topic in terms of the malaria vaccine. Perhaps I’ll save my politics in health rant for another post.

But hopefully this vaccine turns out to be successful. It’s unfortunate, but Malaria’s just one of those epidemics that’s experienced failure after failure in terms of finding a vaccine or cure. As a result, it’s been pushed in to the shadows. Without the media hype, it’s been largely forgotten about, despite the hundreds of thousands of people dying from it every year.