Pretty Little Liars

Is anyone guilty of watching Pretty Little Liars?

If you were next to me, you’d be able to see me sullenly raise my hand and hang my head in shame.

I am guilty of avidly following PLL. If you’re guilty like me, you’ll know why I’m so embarrassed to admit that I watch the show.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, please don’t start. You’ll be hooked on, and will forever have to live in a pile of your own filth and shame.

Yes, I love the characters on the show. Yes, they are nice to look at. Yes, the story line is somewhat interesting.


  1. Everything that comes out of their mouths is a cliche!

    Sometimes I cringe at how cheesy their lines are. I sit there wondering if the actor/actress realises how cheesy they sound. I wonder if they cringe like me when they watch playbacks of the episodes. I wonder if they’ve ever complained to the writers and told them not to write such cheesy lines (I feel like a pizza now).

  2. Shit just drags on because:

    When one of the girls makes a major discovery, they call each other up to say “hey I have something important to tell you, meet at blah blah”.

    And then surprise, surprise. They are knocked unconscious or get run over by a car or something, and it takes a whole other season for everybody else to find out about the big revelation. Basically the plot is often at a standstill. Why couldn’t they just talk over the phone? No pick up? It’s called voicemail!

  3. All the men in town are creepers.

    Most people forget that these girls are literally SIX-TEEN in most of the first and second season. Firstly, a fresh out of college teacher gets together with Aria. Secondly, a not-at-all-newly-graduated doctor has an interest in Spencer… and then Hannah! One of the detectives, who would be at least in his late 20’s, has a thing for Hannah. And oh, Spencer’s older sister’s boyfriend, who is also in his mid to late twenties, had a fling with her. Is it just me or is this town just full of creepers? Creepers who like to cradle-snatch.
  4. They are in HIGH. SCHOOL. DAMMIT.

    Like I said, with the story line and the crap they get up to, it’s so easy to forget that they’re in high school. But once you remember, nothing about the show makes sense. WHO the hell is letting them go out at odd times in the middle of the night? Who is letting these girls drive 500 km on a school night, to another town, to do god knows what?  In high school, either I was home before the sun was down or I’d get a massive telling off.

  5. They just make the stupidest decisions sometimes. 
    No explanation needed.


Going to go catch up on an episode of PLL now.






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