Thou shalt not judge.

Nothing can explain why people are so judgmental. Maybe we all have a deep seated insecurity that makes us feel the need to put others down in order to make ourselves feel better. Maybe we need a reason to push people out so we can be on the inside. And girls seem to be twice as judgmental, especially when it comes to other girls. Why?

Okay, sometimes people are just complete jackasses, in which case, go ahead, judge them.

But let me just say this:

  1. Don’t judge me because you heard something from someone about me.
    For example, unless countless guys have testified to the fact that I’ve spread my legs for them, or if I’ve personally admitted to the fact that I’m a complete hoe-bag, don’t judge me because someone else has said I am. But seriously, don’t believe everything you hear.

    if a guy says heres some candy go with him  Bad Advice Cat

    You don’t want to be like this silly cat.

  2. Don’t judge me based on my lifestyle choices.
    For example, I CAN EAT ICE CREAM IF I WANT TO. YES, AND STRAIGHT AFTER DINNER. Even if you’re full, I’M NOT.
    Coolest Ho ever?  The one that brings Snickers Ice Cream to your crib! | I Fucking Love Ice-cream
  3. Don’t judge me because someone alleges I did something, without solid evidence. 
    For example, if someone alleges I was the one who set poo on fire at your doorstep, don’t believe them till you’ve done some tests on the feces and you’ve traced it back to me. Or, unless you personally saw me running away from the crime scene.
  4. And don’t judge a book by its cover.
    I bought the entire series of Twilight because they had pretty covers. You know the rest.

funny twilight meme scumbag edward

  1. DO judge me because I’ve been a dickhead to you.
    For example, if you saw me stick my foot out and trip you intentionally.
  2. DO judge me if I’m being DIRECTLY inconsiderate towards you.
    For example, if I nabbed half your hot chips AND ate the last one.
  3. DO judge me when you know the whole story.
    For example, if you’ve got a mate who says I drove in a creepy white van and stalked him for like a year, and he says he’s sure because I’ve been parked across the street for like a year, don’t conclude that I’m a creepy stalker. MAYBE, the whole story is that I actually live across the street from him and I park there because IT’S MY DAMN HOUSE. But if I don’t live across the street, then you may conclude that I’m a creepy stalker.
funny twilight meme pedobear edward

Couldn’t resist having another go at twilight.

4. And DO judge me if I’ve repeatedly offended you directly.
For example, if I continuously ask you how the Jesus thing is going when you’ve told me repeatedly you’re Jewish, then you can go ahead and judge me for being ignorant and stupid.

He Really Missed the Point


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